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Why TrustEasy? Archis from Gold Coast, QLD, Explains.
Archis, Gold Coast, QLD
Xero Firm

As a solo practitioner offering Fee From Refund services, I used to spend hours juggling multiple platforms for accounting, month-end reports, and client payments. It was a headache and auditors still found errors.

Switching to TrustEasy changed everything. Now, I handle all these tasks seamlessly in one place. Month-end audit reports are a breeze, and I’ve bid farewell to manual errors and compliance worries. TrustEasy is the partner I needed to excel in statutory trust accounting.

TrustEasy: A Trusted Partner for Managing Trust Accounts
Damien, Ballarat, Vic

Damien, based in Ballarat, Vic, uses Xero and values TrustEasy for its seamless handling of deceased estate and beneficiary distribution. Collaborating with Isaac and Fiona, they efficiently manage their accounting practice’s statutory trust account, including the intricate task of “fee from refund.”

For them, adhering to trust legislative requirements and maintaining client’s financial security is paramount. TrustEasy’s role in this pursuit is indispensable. Specializing in deceased estates and dealing with substantial client funds, Isaac, Fiona, and Damien rely on TrustEasy to ensure compliance.

TrustEasy’s standout feature is its ability to generate precise client statements during beneficiary payments. This functionality not only simplifies operations but also instills confidence in clients and auditors alike. Moreover, TrustEasy’s support when trust account transactions approach the $50k limit is a valuable safeguard.

In their dynamic accounting practice, TrustEasy proves to be the steadfast solution that streamlines processes, ensures compliance, and instills trust in clients.

Effortless Refunds and Seamless Payments with TrustEasy
Heather, Newcastle, NSW
Xero Firm

Meet Heather, hailing from Newcastle, NSW, an adept user of Xero who has discovered the remarkable ease of TrustEasy's refund processing and payment system.

Heather’s role involves assisting John with processing refunds, a task that was once labor-intensive with a one-by-one method. However, TrustEasy transformed this process into a breeze, allowing Heather to seamlessly handle individual refunds without the need for EFT reconciliation report uploads.

But that’s not all. TrustEasy also streamlines payments using .ABA files, making transactions smoother than ever for Heather and John. The simplicity of the process aligns perfectly with their needs, enabling them to focus on what truly matters-providing exceptional service to their clients.

Prompt and reliable support is essential, and Heather attests to the excellence of TrustEasy’s online support team. With their timely assistance, Heather navigates any questions or concerns with confidence, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

In the realm of refund processing and payments, TrustEasy stands out as a game-changer for Heather, simplifying tasks, enhancing efficiency, and providing the support she can always count on.

Effortless Data Integration: Naomi’s TrustEasy Journey
Naomi, Perth, WA

Introducing Naomi from Perth, WA, a proficient user of Access Accountant Cloud and HTC, who has discovered a seamless solution in TrustEasy.

Naomi’s tech-savvy approach led her to rely solely on TrustEasy’s quick start training videos. Her experience has been remarkably smooth, with TrustEasy’s user-friendly interface making her journey even more straightforward.

As an Access Accountant Cloud user on the Salesforce platform with HandiSoft objects, Naomi was thrilled by TrustEasy’s compatibility. Importing her client list became a breeze, thanks to TrustEasy’s seamless integration.

Naomi’s story is one of convenience and efficiency. TrustEasy not only simplifies her operations but also aligns perfectly with her existing software ecosystem.

Empowering Efficiency: TrustEasy’s Impact on Nathan’s Workflow
Nathan, Central Coast, NSW
HandiTax Firm

Nathan, situated on the Central Coast, NSW, and an avid HandiTax user, has found a valuable ally in TrustEasy. Previously spending hours each day on individual fee from refund management, Nathan’s routine was a cumbersome chore. Enter TrustEasy, transforming his experience entirely.

TrustEasy’s efficiency overhaul has liberated Nathan from the time-consuming grind. What once required hours now takes a mere 10 minutes, even during the peak season’s workload of 30-40 Fee From Refunds. TrustEasy’s integration with HandiTax, enabling EFT reconciliation report uploads, has proven indispensable.

Nathan’s delight extends to TrustEasy’s automatic email receipts upon refund processing—a seamless touch that enhances client communication. His team also benefits, enjoying the simplicity and convenience of authority letters.

Furthermore, TrustEasy’s automatic bank reconciliation is another standout feature. It harmonizes with Nathan’s workflow, automatically importing and intelligently splitting transactions, setting the stage for effortless reconciliation.

For Nathan, TrustEasy’s impact is undeniable. It redefines efficiency, liberating time, streamlining processes, and providing an array of features that not only meet but exceed his expectations.

Efficiency and Compliance: Robyn’s TrustEasy Experience
Robyn, Torquay, QLD
Xero Firm

Meet Robyn, a Xero user hailing from Torquay, QLD, who has found her perfect match in TrustEasy. What stands out for Robyn? Two things: inbuilt KYC functionality and effortless fee from refund management.

Robyn greatly values TrustEasy’s built-in KYC (Know Your Customer) feature, which seamlessly meets the latest ATO and TPB requirements. This not only ensures compliance but also streamlines her workflow, saving her time and effort.

Simplicity is key, and Robyn loves how TrustEasy simplifies fee from refund management.

What used to be a complex task is now seamlessly handled, allowing Robyn to focus on what she does best—providing exceptional service to her clients. In the world of accounting, efficiency and compliance go hand in hand. For Robyn, TrustEasy has become an invaluable tool that not only simplifies her processes but also keeps her in sync with the latest regulatory standards.

Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance: Scott’s TrustEasy Discovery
Scott, Gold Coast, QLD

Meet Scott, an MYOB user based in Gold Coast, QLD, who has uncovered a wealth of benefits within TrustEasy.

Scott’s appreciation is twofold: the seamless bulk client import feature and the ability to effortlessly generate receipts tailored to QLD’s statutory trust account regulations.

One of Scott’s significant challenges was the manual input of trust receipts and payments—a time-consuming endeavor. TrustEasy swept in, streamlining these processes and empowering Scott to allocate his time more effectively.

Scott’s TrustEasy experience exemplifies the perfect blend of convenience and compliance. With tailored features that align with QLD’s regulatory demands, Scott has found his partner in optimizing efficiency and ensuring adherence to trust account management requirements.