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Why Bank Reconciliation using automatic bank feeds

To stay compliant with the legislative requirements when managing clients funds, Accounting firms are required to reconcile the trust bank account. For eg, client funds must be used for the purpose they were collected and to identify unknown credits in the account.

The Best practice would require bank reconciliation to occur on a monthly basis so that mitigation actions are taken on time. Based on our research, it becomes very difficult and time consuming to perform this task of bank reconciliation if it’s not incorporated in the trust software and bank feeds are not coming into the trust software automatically. Usually, accounting firms give access to online banking credentials and spreadsheets to senior staff members to manually check and reconcile the bank account which is neither safe nor efficient.

At TrustEasy, we incorporated automatic bank feeds in the Trust Accounting Software along with a standard chart of accounts where they can allocate it to the right sets of accounts or add more and stay compliant.

TrusEasy also incorporates an “audit trail” on bank transactions and provides a user to send “items for review” whenever necessary. It has the ability to export reconciled transactions in statutory financial reporting software like “HandiLedger” with step by step instructions provided and that’s why it’s easy!

Automatic Bank Feeds in Trust Accounting Software

Automatic Bank Feeds in Trust Accounting Software

TrustEasy provides an intuitive method to manage bank reconciliation by automatically downloading bank transactions using its bank feeds feature. A simple uploading of .csv of bank statement is also an option to make it the best bank reconciliation software to manage the trust account.

Bank Reconciliation Features & Benefits from TrustEasy

Until TrustEasy developed automatic bank feeds in the trust software, there was no trust accounting software in Australia for Tax Practitioners that allowed for automatic bank feeds. Without automatic bank feeds and, it becomes extremely challenging for accounting firms to meet this explicit requirement of “reconciling the trust records and reporting to clients on an appropriate periodic basis, in the circumstances, to ensure that they are correct and up to date”.

As a pioneer, TrustEasy software makes it very easy to automatically import bank feeds. It also allows accounting firms to produce client statements proficiently by selecting multiple clients statement to make it easier for the auditors.

It has a separate section called “Banking” to cater for audit trail where it records when and by whom the bank transactions were imported or deleted. And to stay on top of compliance, it also has a separate section for “Under Review” items where upon bank reconciliation stage the user can send a transaction for review. It comes handy when the allocation to the right chart of account requires clarifications.

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