Trust Accounting Software with Audit Trail and 2FA

At TrustEasy, data security is extremely important to us. When Accounting Firms trust us with their client’s confidential data, it’s equally responsible for us to make sure we replicate that trust. Hence, It’s in our DNA and the name “TRUSTEasy”!

All the clients’ data that Accounting firms store remain in Australia. TrustEasy is cloud based software and hence we make sure TrustEasy software is extra secure before any Accounting Firms use it. We engaged a Melbourne based Cyber security organisation to assist us with making our system extra secure and apart from various methods they use, one that we think we should highlight here is PenTest. They conduct Penetration Test (PenTest) based on OWASP, SANS and NIST SP800-115 standards.

Trust Accounting Software with Audit Trail and 2FA in Australia

What is PenTest and Audit Trail:

In layman’s terms, In a Black Box pentest the internal structure, design, architecture and implementation of the targets of evaluation are not known to the assessor. This type of testing is representative of an attacker learning about the targets they are attempting to compromise as they go. Whilst this approach has the benefit of simulating a real-life attacker, it inefficiently manages the limited time allocated to the engagement as the pen-tester is forced to exhaust a large amount of time discovering assets instead of testing for vulnerabilities. The effectiveness of this test type relies on the initial discovery stage being highly comprehensive and accurate. If not, entire sections of networks or applications may remain undiscovered and therefore untested.

Audit trail is keeping a track of actions taken by any user of TrustEasy application and incorporating it in the main areas of TrustEasy application.

Benefits of conducting PenTest and incorporating Audit Trail in the application

As an outcome of a penetration test, they will be able to demonstrate the key security vulnerabilities existing in TrusEasy’s critical web applications. They attempt to exploit the identified vulnerabilities. As such, TrusEasy team can see what an attacker could do if those vulnerabilities were really exploited in the wild. Human analysis of vulnerabilities ensures that no false positives are present in the report.

As most of the IT breach occurs from someone internal to the organisation, we provide Audit Trail within TrustEasy software application. TrustEasy comes with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

We use OAuth 2.0 protocol or integration with third party applications like Salesforce (Access Accountant Cloud), which comes out of the box for TrustEasy subscribers

If your Trust Management software doesn’t allow for these then you must consider TrustEasy asap to take care of your KYC and Trust Account management requirements.


Integration with third party apps using APIs and OAuth 2.0

TrustEasy is the only trust accounting software that integrates with salesforce out of the box. We use HandiSoft Access Accountant Cloud objects to bring in client data for you to save a substantial amount of time. Similarly, we’ll keep adding more using APIs and OAuth 2.0 framework.


We use SHA-256 bit encryption to protect your data and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) comes out of the box for all the users of TrustEasy.